A day in the life of an entrepreneur: What aspiring entrepreneurs should know

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A day in the life of an entrepreneur:
Ever wonder what the life of an entrepreneur is really like?

If you are earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in  entrepreneurial management or an MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership, then you’ve likely contemplated this question.

It turns out that the answer isn’t quite simple. Part of the reason is because an entrepreneur’s day can vary greatly depending on the type of business they are running, stage of business they are in, or even the business structure they decided to assume — i.e. solo venture or a partnership.

Nonetheless, for those looking for some insight into the daily life of an entrepreneur, here are a few accounts from three different entrepreneurs.

A Life of Balance

Chris Myers, co-founder and CEO of BodeTree, a financial management solution for organizations that serve small business, writes in his Forbes article, “When you’re leading a young company, you must live a life of balance. Strategy must be balanced with operations, and leadership must be balanced with a willingness to listen. It’s truly a role unlike any other.”

Myers explains that most of his days begin with a planning session that outlines daily tasks across four areas of business: team, strategy, product and growth. He follows this by checking in with each team member — in part because his team is still small enough — and then goes on to connect and discuss strategy with his board members or other stakeholders. Next, he spends time on the product aspect of his business. This may include working with the Chief Technology Officer or analyzing customer feedback to identify new ways the product can be improved. He then shifts to sales, and may give a pitch presentation or a demo to larger strategic prospects. Finally, after going home and spending time with his family, he ends the day with activities meant to boost his company brand such as writing content for various business news outlets.

A Life of Adventure

If the above sounded like a busy day, then Susan Danziger, founder and CEO of Ziggeo, a cloud-based video API company, offers another perspective by sharing some of the best things about being an entrepreneur. In her Forbes article, Danziger highlights all the exciting things she’s able to do precisely because she is an entrepreneur. For example, she throws networking events for founders, investors and women working within her industry segment. She spends time with her kids and enjoys perks like museum tours offered by a show’s curator. Or, sometimes she takes her team out of the office for a day of sailing where they can unwind and bond.

Danziger reminds that these activities are far from her typical day at work but they sure remind her why she loves being an entrepreneur.

A Life of Ups and Downs

Chris Winfield, an entrepreneur and productivity expert, explains in an article for Entrepreneur, that entrepreneurial life can be extremely difficult and exhausting but also unbelievably exciting and rewarding. Winfield points out that while both extremes are true, most entrepreneurs go through an ongoing period of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoy the good times while they last, and push through during the difficult times.

However, surviving the down turns can be a trying experience for anyone, so Winfield offers these four reminders:

  • Know that highs and lows are a normal part of running a business;
  • Forget about the “overnight success” myth;
  • Remind yourself that both ups and downs won’t last forever;
  • And “Sharing your ups with others can help take you even higher.”

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