5 Tips for business students interested in law school

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According to an Entrepreneur article, there are over 1.2 million attorneys in the United States, and almost half a million of them are entrepreneurs working for their own practice. Given this entrepreneurial trend among law school graduates, one wonders what role undergraduate education plays in feeding entrepreneurship ambitions.

For Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students at William Woods University, who may be considering law school in their future, here are five things to keep in mind as your advance through your undergraduate career:

  1. Choose your business concentration wisely

The William Woods University business administration program offers seven unique concentrations including entrepreneurial management, perfect for those students interested in learning the ins and outs of starting and running a business. Currently offered to online students only, this concentration can be a great asset to students interested in law school and the possibility of running their private practice someday.

  1. Make the most out of your business law coursework

At William Woods, all bachelors of business administration students are required to take BUS335 Business Law. This course covers the fundamental principles of law in relation to business including court systems, torts, contracts and sales. For those planning for law school, this course will offer a great opportunity to test the waters and gauge their interest in the field, and to seek advice from the faculty teaching the course.

  1. Join a campus club

The William Woods University Forensics Team is a speech and debate club that competes in various speaking events as well as Parliamentary debate. While the club is open to all majors, business students interested in law school could benefit from getting involved and networking with likeminded peers. Other similar clubs on-campus include the WWU American Mock Trial Team, Criminal Justice Club, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and the WWU International Justice Mission (IJM).

  1. Consider a fitting minor

While William Woods University offers a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies, business students can also choose from several related minors, including a minor in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice and Political/Legal Studies. For example, students pursuing a Political/Legal Studies minor will take foundational coursework such as PLS110 American Legal System and can choose up to five elective courses from this list.

  1. Talk to an advisor

Above all, business students interested in applying for law school should meet and talk to their academic advisor who can help them stay on track with important requirements and deadlines from registering for a law school entrance exam to applying to law schools. The William Woods Academic Advising Office can be reached at 573.592.1135.

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