Choosing a business concentration that’s right for you

William Woods Business

At William Woods University, students earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration have an option of choosing one of the following concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Economics and Finance
  • Management
  • Management of Information Systems

This means that while all business majors will take the same core curriculum covering 48 credits, they’ll also choose an area of focus that will account for an additional 15 credit hours — roughly 5 courses — on the topic of their concentration.

For those who may still be deciding which concentration is right for them, here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you weigh your options.

Math Skills

Contrary to the popular belief, math does not have to be your favorite subject if you’ve decided on a business major. However, if you would gladly substitute your math coursework for other classes, then consider concentrations with a lesser math focus. Those include Advertising and Marketing, Management, and Management of Information Systems.

Personal Interests

While this may seem like an obvious consideration, many students find that they aren’t exactly sure what they are interested in. However, at William Woods University business students are not required to declare their concentration upon start, so you will have completed some business coursework before you make your decision. One way to examine your interests is to think back on prior classes and analyze which courses you enjoyed the most and why. In which course did you perform the best? If you notice a trend, then you may have your answer.

Job Market

A business degree offers great career versatility. However, some employers may perceive your choice of a concentration as a desired career track. Thus, if you concentrated in Accounting and find yourself applying to a marketing coordinator position, prepare to answer questions about your career goals and how they align with the position you are applying for. Similarly, if you’re eyeing specific companies or geographic areas where you know a particular concentration will give you a slight competitive edge, choose with your career in mind.

Family and Friends

Sometimes those who are closest to us may know certain aspects of our personality better than we do. Consider talking to your family and friends about what they think is a good concentration for you and ask them to explain their thinking. While this may not provide a definitive answer, it may help reveal some insight into how you may be perceived by those around you.

At the end, it’s important to remember that there is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a business degree concentration. However, considering your options carefully may help you come to a decision with greater conviction and confidence.

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