International Business Career Conference: March 4, 2016

William Woods Business

Missouri Business Conference Our last post discussed how William Woods University business student, Addie Rolwes, used event attendance to secure a full-time position after she graduates. With her approach as an inspiration, we invite you to explore the International Business Career Conference (IBCC), an upcoming regional event intended for business students and employers.

The conference will be held on March 4, 2016 at the J.C. Penney Building on the campus of the University of Missouri­–­St. Louis. IBCC is open to all interested students attending regional schools, including William Woods University bachelors in business students.

According to the conference website, the event “brings together [regional] students and offers participating companies a special opportunity to meet with this highly qualified and diverse workforce with an interest in global careers, and to present themselves and their companies in a manner that is special and inviting.”

Students will have an opportunity to take part in an exciting agenda that includes live testimonials from senior executives, networking sessions, workshops and even one-on-one interviews with professionals representing some of the major international companies.

Some of the panel experts that will be participating in Q&A include Tom Wilson, VP, Global Communications and Marketing at Monsanto, Shaker Sadasivam, President and CEO at SunEdison Semiconductor, and Peter Smith, VP, Global Franchising at Enterprise Leasing, Inc. among others.

The workshop sessions will cover a wide range of topics that relate to various aspects of international business such as how international companies leverage social media, how to embark on a global career or how to become an effective communicator across cultures.

William Woods University business students interested in the event are encouraged to complete an online registration prior to arrival. To make best use of their time, students should also research keynote speakers and panel experts with whom they may have a chance to talk one-on-one and ask questions. Most importantly, remember that first impression counts so dress to impress and bring your résumé.

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