Business student spotlight: Addie Rolwes

William Woods Business

When William Woods University business student Addie Rolwes looks for a job, she doesn’t simply submit an application and wait to see what happens. Rolwes is accustomed to more of a hands-on approach and it’s what helped her land a full-time position at Capitol Plaza Hotel after she graduates.

Business student Addie Rolwes discovers her passion. Rolwes discovered her interest in hospitality management during an internship abroad where she lived in a hotel for much of the summer. So when she attended a local event at the Jefferson City’s Capitol Plaza last fall, it only seemed natural to strike-up a conversation with one of the hotel’s managers. What started as her candid pursuit of career advice turned into an engaging 20-minute conversation and an informal interview with the hotel’s assistant general manager.

“[The assistant manager] told me to fill out an application, and basically [it] went straight to the top because he had met me and was really impressed,” said Rolwes.

Rolwes is expected to graduate in May this year with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a concentration in advertising and marketing. Until then, she works part-time at the hotel’s front desk, a centralized role with great opportunity for management training and future advancement. Much of her duties involve dealing directly with hotel guests but also coordinating with other departments.

“I’m the first person [a guest] calls if they have a problem, so I’m connected to every department in the hotel like maintenance, housekeeping, and the restaurant.”

Since working with staff across multiple departments is a big part of her job, it’s no surprise that teamwork plays a critical role in her work. Rolwes recalls a number of courses at William Woods that helped prepare for this opportunity including BUS450 — Business Policy and Procedures, a course she took last semester.

Taught by Associate Professor of Business and Economics, David Forster, this senior business capstone course involved a semester-long team project where Rolwes and her team were tasked with running a computer-simulated company. The project required close collaboration with others and strategic decision-making regarding investments across various departments such as production, marketing and finance.

“My group worked super well together…and our company did well both as far as our strategic approach and collaboration. I think this class was definitely the best for me,” said Rolwes.

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