MBA program alumni reflect on the university experience

William Woods Business

Every year, William Woods University invites a group of its business alumni, known as the Business Advisory Council (BAC), to campus in Fulton, MO. The group consists of about 20 to 30 individuals working in various business disciplines, many of them MBA program graduates.

Through an evening spent in focus group discussions and surveys, the Council helps measure program satisfaction, gauge reaction to new programs and methods, and encourage communication between William Woods University and its business alumni. This communication also creates scholarship support and internship opportunities for current students.

Last year, the students in the Fall 2014 Market Research class analyzed the feedback obtained from the BAC focus groups and surveys. The analysis provided insight into the kinds of things that made the MBA program very helpful in preparing students for their professional lives.

For example, some MBA alumni said that the evening program was not only convenient but it exposed them to other working professionals in different fields, preparing them for the real world experience. Others mentioned the benefit of MBA cohort model, inspiring classmates to hold each other accountable. And many pointed to class projects as valuable learning experiences but also as useful material they’ve often gone back to reference in their careers.

This method of MBA alumni engagement is not uncommon. Business schools all across the country are looking for ways to build strong alumni relations that mutually benefit both the school and the graduates. In fact, many business schools place special emphasis on their alumni network and the value it brings to current students. At William Woods, MBA alumni continue to stay engaged not only through Business Advisory Council, but a number of other engagements including networking events, reunions, speaker sessions, and more.

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